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Much thanks to our most loved Uphill Trust for all the wonderful funding and to all our friends, men and women, for your kind hearts. God bless you so much.

Muhimbise Elius, Director of Uphill Junior School (2016)

“Your organisation goes above and beyond the call of duty. You represent all that is good, ethical and moral… your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Testimonial from one of our partner schools (2017)

Look what we have achieved!


Electricity in School

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

1 Boda-Boda

School Boda-Boda

1 School Nurse

 Nurse on Site

7 Latrine Stances

3 Brick Classrooms

4 Water Tanks

1 Playground

Land & Site Security

13 Teachers

66 Desks & Tables

200 Mosquito Nets

“It is very rewarding to donate to an organisation where you can see the difference your money in making.”

D. Herbert, regular donor to The Uphill Trust (2018)