Our Mission

Our mission is to secure the establishment and development of Uphill Junior School, a privately owned primary school with kindergarten in rural western Uganda.

With financial help from The Uphill Trust, the School Management Committee is now able to employ motivated and well-qualified teachers who teach over 300 girls and boys from the ages of 3-13+ in well appointed classrooms on a secure school site (Sustainable Development Goals 4 & 5)

Our Charitable Objectives

  • Provide financial support for the school so that it can achieve its stated aims
  • Construct permanent classrooms for all year groups, on land purchased for the school to provide a safe learning environment for the children of Uphill Junior School. Five adjacent plots of land have been purchased (2015-2018) and three blocks of permanent classrooms have been built (2016-2019). The three kindergarten year groups are still being taught in temporary wooden classrooms while funds are raised for further construction (Sustainable Development Goal 4)
  • Provide good quality sanitation arrangements, with private washing facilities for the older girls. Three latrine blocks have been constructed for pupils (2016, 2019, 2020) along with separate teachers latrine (2017)(Sustainable Development Goal 6)
  • Provide clean water for drinking, hand washing and cooking (there is no mains water supply in the community) . Rainwater harvesting systems have been installed on all the school buildings. Ceramic water filter units have been supplied for all classrooms. A central hand washing station, fed by the rainwater harvesting systems was built in 2019 (Sustainable Development Goal 6)
  • Construct an administration building for the school.¬† A multipurpose building, containing a staff room, two secure offices and a clinic for the school nurse was constructed¬† in 2017 (Sustainable Development Goal 3)
  • Construct a safe, hygienic kitchen block with covered dining area . School meals are currently being prepared in a temporary wooden kitchen and we are actively fundraising for a permanent kitchen. A whole school feeding programme is being planned once the kitchen has been built (Sustainable Development Goal 2)
  • Provide sports and play facilities for all the year groups. A playground has been installed on the kindergarten site (2017, 2019).¬† Sports equipment and team uniforms have been provided for the primary school children.
  • Continue to support the day-to-day running of the school whilst it develops self-financing arrangements. The Uphill Trust pays the salaries for 13 teachers plus those of the school bursar, director and nurse. In addition, the trust provides full financial support for a number of children suffering from extreme hardship.
  • Support projects that benefit the wider community, when funding is available. The trust has provided mosquito nets and solar lanterns for pupils, along with reading glasses for community elders (2016-19). The trust also facilitated the complete refurbishment of the existing shallow well used by everyone in the community (2018).
Sustainable development goals of The Uphill Trust

The Uphill Trust is a ZERO OVERHEADS CHARITY that makes no deductions for administration, governance or trustee visits to Uganda. All the money raised is used to support projects at the school.

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