New Tech for Uphill!

What do you think when you see a photocopier? Is it just another bit of office equipment? Do you even use a copier anymore, preferring instead to create digital documents that can be shared via email or on the cloud?

To the Uphill teachers this multifunction photocopier/scanner/printer is a revelation!

For over 15 months the teachers have been handwriting lesson sheets for over 200 homeschooling pupils – using carbon paper to make copies for all the children in their classes. Now they can can scan or photocopy worksheets and test papers, and print out the copies that they need. This is progress indeed!

Within a few days of sending the money over to Uganda, the photocopier arrived at Uphill.  The staff gave up their weekend for intensive training in the use and care of the machine.

learning to use a photocopier

This is what school director Elius has to say…

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Homeschooling Appeal – especially to the proprietors of Minuteman Press¬† franchises in Falkirk, Paisley, Coventry, Southampton and Hove, who chipped in to help out. A big wet thank you also to Liddy’s Monster Swim sponsors, who kept her motivated to splashing on at Dundee Olympia until she had clocked up 36 kms – the length of Loch Ness.

Monster Swim

Together, we make a huge difference to life at Uphill!

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