Would you like to help a child to go to school?

Uphill Junior School serves a poor, rural area where many of the children live on shambas (smallholdings that produce food for the family only). Money is in short supply and schooling is often only provided for boys. Whilst we prefer to undertake activities that help the whole school population, we occasionally receive requests for donations to be targeted to help a child to go to school. As a result, the Pupil Support Fund was set up to help some of the most deprived children in the community to attend Uphill Junior School. Thirteen children are currently receiving financial support for schooling – 8 girls and 5 boys.  


How you can help

Choose your donation level:

  • £10 per month to will pay for a child to attend school for a year as a day pupil
  • £20 per month will allow a child to attend school for a year and will also pay for food and accommodation in Iruhuura if they live too far away to walk to school each day

You can also make one-off donations to the Pupil Support Fund and these are used to help with medical or other unexpected expenses that arise from time to time.

All the money in this fund is ring-fenced to help children who would otherwise struggle to attend school on a regular basis.


What does your donation provide?

  • Bedding pack (mattress, sheets, blanket, mosquito net)
  • Washing kit (plastic bowl, small jerry can)
  • School uniform
  • Sports uniform
  • School bag, plus pencils and exercise books
  • Personal hygiene supplies (soap, toothpaste, vaseline)
  • Casual clothes
  • Shoes
  • School and examination fees
  • Breakfast and lunch at school each day
  • Local accommodation is currently supplied for supported children who live too far away to walk to school each day

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Prefer to set up a standing order with your bank?

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More information about some of the children you help to support