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Uphill Junior School has a staff of excellent teachers: Meet four people who are inspiring the next generation in rural Uganda.

Teacher Joan

Uphill Teacher Joan

Joan is the Deputy Head teacher at Uphill. She is 23 years old and is a local girl, born in the same county as the school. She was keen to join Uphill as it has a great reputation in the area and she wanted to her knowledge and skills to help local children. She has been at the school since 2018.

Joan teaches Primary 4 and 5 as well as training the debating team and teaching music at all levels in the school. Joan enjoys being a member of the administration team. She finds her fellow staff both willing and enthusiastic and is always keen to learn new skills. Prompt and reliable salary payment is especially appreciated!




Primary 7 Pupil


Praise for Joan from J in Primary 7:

‘Teacher Joan is my music teacher. She teaches me good gospel songs and meaningful, educative non-gospel songs. She also encourages me to behave well among old and young people and advises me how to unite with my fellows and be a disciplined child. She does everything to make my future bright.”




Teacher Sedrack

Uphill teacher Sedrack

Sedrack joined Uphill in 2018 and, like Joan, was born in Kasenda sub-county. He is 27 years old and was happy to join a local school with a good learning environment. He was also motivated by a desire to serve his community.

He teaches Primary 4 and 5 and his skill as a graphic artist is evident on the walls of his classroom. Sedrack is the Head of Sports and coaches the school soccer teams.

He enjoys the positive outlook of the school and being a member of a staff team that is full of ideas. He too appreciates the regular and timely payment of salaries – not common in Ugandan schools!


Teacher Priscillar

Uphill teacher Priscillar

Priscillar moved to Iruhuura to join Uphill in 2018. She was motivated by the good reputation Uphill has amongst her friends in Fort Portal. She is 26 years old and likes the fact that the school encourages teachers to use their special skills. She also feels that the school empowers the community it serves.

Priscillar teaches children in Primary 1-3 and she is Head of Kindergarten. She is a member of the music team and teaches netball, as well as being the school Chaplain.

She enjoys working in a good looking school with nice buildings, good levels of welfare for both children and staff, and the skill-sharing ethos of her fellow teachers.

Priscillar and Sedrack married in 2019 and have a baby daughter. She says meeting the love of her life at Uphill was a great achievement!

Teacher Patrice

Uphill teacher Patrice

 Patrice moved to Uphill after teaching in schools in different areas. He is 33 years old and was impressed by the good human resource management at Uphill, which he had not seen elsewhere. He also likes the fact that the pupils at Uphill have a great enthusiasm to learn.

He teaches Primary 6 and 7 and is Director of Studies for the school. Patrice has been an invaluable member of the Uphill farm project and has helped to ensure the success of the vegetable garden and the piggery. 

He enjoys the good relations between the Uphill teachers and parents and the respect shown for teacher rights and welfare.

Patrice also met his future wife at Uphill – he and long-serving teacher Judith also married in 2019 and they have a baby son. We are delighted that the Uphill family is growing!

Innocent - Primary 7


Praise for Patrice from I in Primary 7:

“I would like to thank teacher Patrice for all he has done for me. He has taught me how to feed, care and maintain pigs, and how to clean their sties. I love him so much and I wish to start a piggery project of my own after the Primary Leaving Examination.”





All the Uphill teachers are paid by The Uphill Trust and we rely on regular donations from our core supporters to meet this important monthly cost.

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