School Nurse for Uphill

All private schools in Uganda are expected to have at least one health care provider on site to attend to the first aid needs of the children. For the past two years, health care has been available on an intermittent basis in Iruhuura Trading Centre by Bagonza Evester, a qualified nursing assistant, and Nurse Eve, as she is known, has been looking after the Uphill pupils on an ad hoc basis.


Nurse Eve, in red, with some of the Uphill teachers in March 2016

In November 2017 we submitted a funding proposal for a dedicated School Nurse for Uphill to St Andrews Clinics for Children (the Scottish charity who funded the Ventilated Pit Latrine for the school at the beginning of 2016) and we were delighted to find out that this has been granted.

Nurse Eve will join Uphill as full time School Nurse in the second term of the 2018 academic year, once the new administration block where her clinic will be sited has been completed, and will be responsible for health care for the staff and children, along with health education responsibilities.

When we visited the school in March 2018 we were able to show Eve where her new clinic would be and she in turn provided us with a long list of essential items needed to kit it out to her satisfaction!

new school nurse

Liddy and Eve outside the room that will be her clinic

We are looking forward to seeing Eve in her new uniform

Uphill School Nurse

JUNE 2018: Eve’s clinic is almost ready for use!




Nurse Eve receiving further supplies of reusable sanitary packs donated by Days for Girls (Moray Coast branch) from Belinda (October 2016)




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