Isobel Duncan Building

In December 2017 the foundations were excavated for a new building at Uphill – funded in large part by a generous legacy donation.

Esther Isobel Searles, nee Duncan, 1931-2017

┬áIsobel Searles, a Dollar Academy school friend of Jock and Eileen Macdonald (Max’s parents), became interested in tales of the fledgling school in 2013 and supported the project until her death early in 2017. ┬áIsobel, a physiotherapist, always enjoyed her work with children and she loved to hear about, and see photographs of, the Uphill youngsters. Her gift will be a lasting legacy at Uphill Junior School and will benefit the children there for many years to come. Thank you so much, Isobel.

Isobel (in pink) with Eileen, firm friends from the age of 8

The building that will bear Isobel’s name (and be painted in her favourite colours of yellow and orange) will provide much needed office space and staff room plus a small treatment room for the new School Nurse.

We hope that the Isobel Duncan Building will be open for use by the time Term 2 begins at the end of May 2018.

UPDATE APRIL 2018: You can find out how this building has progressed in a more recent post.

Early stages of the project:

uphill-build-teamHead builder Waren and his advisers take a first look at the build plans

builders-drawingsDiscussing the build – with the help of local materials

admin-block-buildDistrict Physical Planner Musana Samuel checks the foundationsadmin-foundationsPacking the foundations with hard core

admin-foundationsThe foundations are left to cure over Christmas

uphill-buildersUphill build team – local men, many with children at the school

UPDATE APRIL 2018: You can find out how this building has progressed in a more recent post.

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