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Ugandan paper bead jewellery

ugandan-paper-beads ugandan-paper-beads

Uganda is full of micro-enterprises, and making beads for paper bead jewellery is just one of them. The trust has forged a strong relationship…

Meet Our Supported Pupils (3)

a boy who loves to learn a boy who loves to learn

Another in our series of posts about some of the children being supported in school by the  Pupil Support Fund: R joined Uphill Junior…

McNabb Classroom Block is Finished!

classroom-block classroom-block

The new McNabb classroom block was completed in August 2016, just in time for the beginning of the final term of the school year….

Danny the Paralympian: Wheelchair Events

danny-furey-event danny-furey-event

Event 1 – 2015 On Saturday 17 October the day dawned clear and cold and ‘Danny the Paralympian’ and three members of The Uphill…

A playground for Kindergarten

kindergarten-playground kindergarten-playground

Finally, we have a playground for Kindergarten! We don’t yet have permanent buildings for the Uphill Kindergarten but, after much deliberation, we decided that…

Meet the Uphill Ambassadors

uphill ambassadors uphill ambassadors

  Clockwise from top left: Uphill Ambassadors Di Hartrup – Mags Black – Debbie Herbert – Joely & Bethan “I feel passionately that EVERYONE…

Working towards a School Licence

school-site-plans school-site-plans

In 2017 a large amount of  school and trustee effort was directed towards liaising with officials from the Ministry of Education and various local…

Uphill Marathon Runners

uphill-marathon-support uphill-marathon-support

Meet the Uphill Marathon Runners 2017! The Stirling Scottish Marathon, being held for the very first time in May 2017 and pretty much on…

Patience Goes Uphill

patience-goes-uphill patience-goes-uphill

Catriona Laird, Scottish illustrator and comic artist, has written and illustrated a lovely book called Patience Goes Uphill.  Catriona is Liddy’s daughter and has been…

Meet Our Supported Pupils (2)

support-a-child support-a-child

Another in our series of posts about the children being helped by the Pupil Support Fund: L has four brothers and one sister and…

New Home for Uphill

uphill land site 1 uphill land site 1

When the Uphill Trust came into being, Uphill Junior School comprised a wooden building on a rented site in the centre of Iruhuura Trading…