Power for Education

We were very excited to receive these photos from School Director Elius in early June – Uphill Junior School now has electricity! At the moment only the new administration block, the Isobel Duncan Building, has been wired up and connected to the power lines that pass through Iruhuura community, but we plan to install electricity into the McNabb classroom block very soon.

Power for Education

Until now the school has been relying on natural daylight during school hours and a simple solar system at night to illuminate the extra tutorials and revisions sessions that are needed for the Primary 7 children in the run up to the Primary Leavers Examination.

Power for EducationExternal lights will allow safe access into the building – there are no street lights in rural communities and very few people have torches or hand held solar lanterns

Power for EducationCeiling light in the room the will be used as a clinic for the new school nurse

Power for Education

The money for this fantastic development has been raised by the indefatigable 1st Newport Brownies, whose fundraising efforts in 2014 bought the first water tank for the original wooden school building.

Power for Education

The Brownies’ Power for Education sponsored walk has brought light into the lives of those attending Uphill Junior School. Well done girls, and well done to Liddy and all the other 1st Newport Brownie leaders for their brilliant fundraising, once again.

Power for education

UPDATE 2018: Electricity has also been installed in the McNabb classroom block, thanks to an in memoriam donation from a family of Uphill supporters. Read about it here.

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