Working towards a School License

In 2017 a large amount of  school and trustee effort was directed towards liaising with officials from the Ministry of Education and various local government departments, as we worked towards obtaining a private school operating license for Uphill Junior School.

This is not as easy as it may seem and much of the year has been spent collecting the required information and making sure all the government boxes could be ticked. Whilst Elius and his staff filled in forms and hosted a range of inspection visits, the trustees, on the advice of the very helpful District Physical Planner and using local experts, began the process of developing a set of official plans for the school site.

By now we had being able to buy three adjacent plots of land and all were securely fenced into one big site. Over  the next few months, the boundaries of the site were surveyed and plans drawn up for all the buildings (existing and new).

There is still a fair way to go before the licensing process is complete, but a start has been made. This project will continue into 2018…


school-site=plans school-site-plans

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