COVID 19 Food Relief 1

We received a fabulous response to our COVID 19 food crisis appeal in April, both in donations and as sponsorship for the Uphill 2.6 Challenge, which enabled us to send £1467  to the school to purchase essential food supplies and soap for the Uphill families.

The food relief project was overseen by local government officials but carried out by Uphill Junior School staff and local clergyman Reverend Herbert.

The words and photographs that follow are from  school director Elius:

“We deeply thank everyone who donated to us! We are so glad to be able to reach out to all our 211 parents! Thanks everyone! Food and hand washing soap was handed out today! Thanks a lot our sponsors and well wishers! God bless you all!”

“We thank the Regional District Commissioner and our local leaders for giving out food alongside our 4 teachers: Ramuel, Michael, Sedrac and Patrice.”

“Am so glad seeing smiles on the faces of mothers who go through difficulties when it comes to food for kids!”

“This is what we mean when we say that we do walk, talk, and crawl with our families when it comes to disaster and need! And when happy and sad faces talk, they talk to The Uphill Trust!”

THANK YOU, Uphill supporters, for coming together to provide essential supplies to the 211 families with children registered at Uphill Junior School at this very difficult time for us all

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