More Homes for Teachers

In June 2023 we received the incredible news that Hazel’s Footprints Trust had awarded us a generous grant of £15,000 – the biggest we have received to date! This financial boost set the wheels in motion for a significant transformation in the Uphill Junior School staff housing compound.

By October, with final agreement on the planning and costing, the construction of terrace of units was underway.

Digging the foundations by hand

The trusty Uphill build team relocated the temporary kitchen and washrooms and started to dig the foundation trenches under the watchful eyes of the neighbour’s children. All by hand, of course.

Foundation walls going in

The following week the foundations were well underway, and the walls soon followed.

Building up the housing unit walls

The unit nearest the staff house is earmarked for the communal kitchen, with four housing units stepping down the sloping site. By early December the walls were finished and the roof was on.

staff houses with roof in place

Each housing unit boasts two rooms – a rear sleeping area and a front living space. A considerable upgrade from the cramped, windowless accommodation rented from landlords in the trading centre, these units have both ventilation and natural light front and back.

Plastering the new staff housing units

Plastering took place during the rains in late December so painting can’t start until the walls have thoroughly dried out. Hopefully this can be completed in early February, along with the electrical wiring.

The project funding was further boosted in December with £2,500 from North Fife Rotary Club

Plans are currently underway for the construction of a large sanitation block on the lower part of the site. Envisaged as a compost toilet facility, this undertaking reflects our commitment to  sustainable and eco-friendly practises. Stay tuned for more updates when we return from Uganda in March!

plans for sanitation block

The journey towards enhancing the living conditions for the Uphill teachers has been a collaborative effort between The Uphill Trust, our donors, and the wonderful grant support we have received from  Meeting Needs, Hazel’s Footprints Trust and the Rotary Club of North Fife. Together, we are not only constructing physical structures but fostering an environment that nurtures the well-being and success of our educators, paving the way for a bright future for everyone at Uphill Junior School.

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