2023 Christmas Appeal

Our 2023 Christmas Appeal is about toilets (again).

Uphill Junior School urgently needs a new toilet facility  for staff and visitors!

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We built the current ‘temporary’ long drop latrine in 2018 and it is no longer fit for purpose.  It is in the wrong place, the pit is almost full and there are only 2 small cubicles with little privacy and no disabled access.

Uphill Teacher Latrine

With no mains waste or water systems in rural Uganda, we plan to install compost toilets instead of the traditional ventilated improved pit latrines used elsewhere on the school site. These will offer an eco-friendly, cleaner, less smelly and fly-free sanitation option, with the added benefit of using the composted end-products to enhance soil fertility in the school gardens.

Compost toilets are cheap and easy to make, and easy to retrofit in existing pit latrine cubicles, if needed. They are also more pleasant to use than a traditional ‘squat’ toilet.

Example of a DIY compost toilet

How to use a compost toiletUsing a compost toilet

Appeal donations will be used to build a new staff-visitor toilet block, along with 2-3 large composting bins for the toilet material and all other organic waste (eg vegetable peelings). They will also fund the equipment and materials needed to get the project up and running.

The Uphill compost toilets will be the first example of eco-sanitation in the area and will be used to demonstrate the benefits of this technology to the wider community.

Closing the Loop with Compost ToiletsComposted material is safe to to use for growing food after 1-2 years

Please can you help Uphill to be an eco-toilet trail blazer and  ‘close the loop’ in the food cycle?

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