Mission Statements


To secure the establishment and development of Uphill Junior School, a privately owned Primary School with Kindergarten in rural western Uganda.

With financial help from The Uphill Trust, the Uphill Junior School Management Committee is able to maintain a staff of motivated and well-qualified teachers and permanent school buildings are under development.

The Uphill Trust is a ZERO OVERHEADS CHARITY that makes no deductions for administration, governance or trustee visits to Uganda.  All the money raised is used to support projects at the school.

Uphill Trust Annual Report 2017


  • To support the school as it works towards it’s stated aims, including actively supporting the education of both girls and boys, orphans and children affected by extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. Uphill Junior School has a roughly equal gender mix across all the year groups and around one quarter of the pupils are being charged no fees at all or reduced fees. The trust is currently providing full financial support for a number of children from particularly difficult family circumstances.
  • To construct ten permanent classrooms, in three blocks, on land purchased for the school. Three adjacent plots of land have been purchased (2015-7) and a block containing three permanent classrooms have been built for Primary 5-7  (2017). Seven year groups are still being taught in temporary wooden classrooms.
  • To provide good Ugandan-style sanitation arrangements with private washing facilities for the older girls. Five latrine stances with washing areas were built in 2015/6 along with two separate latrine stances for teachers in 2017.
  • To provide clean water for drinking, hand washing and cooking by installing water harvesting tanks and guttering for all three permanent classroom blocks. Two large and two medium sized tanks with gutters have already been installed (2016-7).
  • To construct a good quality playground for the Kindergarten. A temporary tyre playground was installed (2017).
  • To construct an administration building for the school.  Building work began at the end of December 2017 – we hope the building will be in use by March.
  • To continue to support the day-to-day running of the school, for up to 10 years, whilst it develops self-financing arrangements.
  • To support projects that benefit the wider community, when funding is available. The trust has provided mosquito nets and solar lanterns for pupils, along with reading glasses for community elders (2016-7).


To produce capable and hardworking children with skills to become productive Ugandans.


To transform society through providing quality education.


  • To provide quality education to all children in rural communities who have no access to both material and financial support.
  • To strengthen the education sector of Uganda by providing an all round education to Ugandan children that caters for mental, psychological, physical, emotional and moral values.
  • To promote the education of girls as well as advocating gender equality for the rural children of  Uganda.
  • To provide free education and material support to all children with special needs, children with disability and children born with HIV or affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda.