Who funds us?

As a small, young charity our funding base began with local well-wishers and has grown to embrace support from individuals and community groups across the UK and beyond. We are always looking for new donors and funding partners, so if you are interested in supporting us, please get in touch.

Community fundraising

Community fundraising is very important for The Uphill Trust, as it serves to generate much needed donations as well as spreading the word about the work that we do. Trustees are always happy to speak to community groups in Scotland and are happy to help to promote fundraising events organised by our supporters. If you fancy organising a coffee morning or bake sale, would like to host a collection tin or organise a sponsored event, please do get in touch and we will help where we can.

Regular donors

These are our core supporters, many of whom have been with us since the early days of the trust. Regular income is vital for our work as it helps us to pay the teachers and to make sure that the very poorest children can get an education. If you would like to arrange a regular donation you can find details on our Ways to Donate page.

Partners and ambassadors

We are lucky to have excellent partnerships with a number of schools and community groups who fundraise for us on a regular basis. The partnerships extend beyond financial support, with letter exchanges being established and a real sense of connection developing between the young people in Uganda and the UK. If your school, business or community group would like to partner with us to give the gift of education, please do get in touch. You can find out more about partners on the Our Donors page.

The Uphill Trust has a number of Ambassadors who are committed to spreading the word about our work. Uphill Trust Ambassadors.

Funding from other charities

The Uphill Trust has received generous funding for defined projects from other charities which has been vital for the establishment and development of Uphill Junior School. Using these ‘grants’ we have been able to buy land, build latrines, provide a solar lantern for every child at the school and fund a dedicated school nurse. We are keen to expand the relationships we have with other charities so if you are a representative of a charity, trust or foundation and are interested in supporting our work, please do get in touch.

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The difference your donation can make

Regular donation

£5 per month could provide hand washing soap for a whole year

£15 per month could support a day pupil for a year

£25 per month could buy bricks to build one classroom

£50 per month could pay a qualified teacher for one year

Single donation

£20 could provide school uniform, sports kit and shoes for one child

£30 could buy a bedding pack for one child

£100 could provide 5 desks each seating 4-6 children

£250 could provide enough mosquito nets for 30 children